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One Acts

Desperate Hearts

Desperate Hearts
Inspired by "Ways & Means" by Noel Coward This is the story of two honeymooners quickly learning about one another, and their pitfalls.


Cast Size: 5

1 Women: 30's-50's

4 Men:20's-50's 

Running time:  40 mins

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Spirit of the Ouija

If you've read Beyond the darkness you will recognize these characters - Back in high school-This is where they were inspired to begin their ghost hunting careers. 


This show was preformed (for the most part) at the monster ball one acts of West Potomac in 2013

Cast Size:  16

9 Women: 15-18

7 Men: 15-18

Running time: 40 mins

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Man of the House

Really more of a monologue with sound effects and props than a one act. This little skit was inspired by an actual phone conversation I attempted to have with an old friend during my stay at home dad days. 

Cast Size: 1

1 Man 30s-40s

Running Time: About 20 minutes

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The Ones We Trust

This is a little skit about two old friends going on a camping trip... After a prison break... While trying to kill each other.


Cast Size: 2 Men:  Early 50's

Running time: about an hour

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Three sisters and three worlds collide while their mother lays dying. This theatrical piece was meant to be dramatic and poignant- Somehow, I still find it funny. 


Cast Size: 5

4 Women 30's- 70's

1 Men:  any age over 18

Running time: 20-30 mins

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This is an old stand by for a Christmas play, but I've Altered the Dickens out of it.


Cast Size: 11

6 Women: 20's-60's

5 Men: 9-60's

Running time:  About an hour.

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What can you say about Mr. Crane?

Giving a eulogy for your boss, and attempting to be honest.


Cast Size:  4-6

2-3 Women: 20's-50's

2-3 Men: 30's-60's

(depending on double casting)

Running time: About an hour

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