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Blogging as a playwright

I've frequently wondered why I would waste my energy blogging when I already put my embarrassing "truths" into my plays. My blog on my other website never got any views, so why bother having a blog on this one? Turns out, it's not about people reading your little clips of journal logs, is about what search engines get to read. Apparently the more articles with your magic"keywords" that are in it, the higher up you go in the rankings and the more likely it is that your site is found. This is why there is a blog on this website that is supposed to be filled with nothing but play scripts. I haven't even made an obvious way for a human to see that it's here because I don't expect any human to be amused by this (with the exception of me- I always amuse myself) So as I prattle on through this page, if you are tickled by my musings please let me know. I'm starting off presuming my audience is the talented and lovely google bots that put me into rankings (I don't know how far flattery will go with a bot, but I'll give it a try) hopefully they will pull me up the pages to be seen by the actors, directors, teachers and drama students that I wish to be seen by. Not to have my blog read, just my free play scripts read. Maybe they could be preformed in a school or community theater. However if humans do stumble upon this and at all enjoy my ramblings, please let me know. I would always appreciate knowing my audience.

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