• Tim Pullen

Script Revision

Updated: Feb 7

I am starting to move my plays from

my www.pullenentertainment.com website to this new Plays by Tim Pullen website. This is mainly for the purpose of getting my site seen for what it truly is:

A collection of free play scripts offered to the public.

The title Pullen Entertainment was making my little hobby sound too much like a business for my taste. My shows are amateur, and I'm quite proud of that. They are written for laughs, for exploration of character, for fun. While you won't see big changes instantly I am hoping to simplify the website, and get it listed in the ranking results for searches for "Play Scripts" or "Comedy Shows" Instead of just being found by people looking for me or my website title. With any luck this will get my scripts in the hands of the actors and directors they are aimed at.

They are meant to be read or performed to bring joy, not personal gain. Hopefully this new platform will get the attention they need, and be read by struggling theater groups that just need a good royalty free script.

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